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On November 5th, 2017, Markthalle Neun in Berlin-Kreuzberg will fill itself with cheese! And not just any cheese: crafted cheeses deeply rooted in their places of origin. Cheeses that can tell stories about the people, animals, and landscapes that produced them. Cheeses from the best dairies in Berlin’s surrounding countryside, other regions in Germany, Europe, and the world – all in one place for just one day. No planes, trains or climbing gear necessary.
This year’s focus is on cheeses from the Alps and other high mountains. Gruyère, Emmentaler, Comté – alpine cheeses. Switzerland in all its multilinguality. Italy, Slovenia, France. Austria and Bavaria's Allgäu. They’ll all be brought together in cheesy unity in Berlin. And thanks to centuries of Swiss cheesemaking traditions being spread to other parts of the world, we will also welcome alpine cheese from eastern Anatolia.
But that’s not all. Just a few steps further, you’ll also find some of our favorite cheesemakers from Poland, the Netherlands, Ireland, Great Britain, Belgium and Spain, each of them bringing cheeses as diverse as the climates and cultures they hail from.
We’ll be kicking off the long cheese weekend on Friday with a look at the very beginnings of cheese. Dominik Flammer, alpine food expert, will present his film “Urkäse der Alpen” on traditional sour milk cheese, and he’ll be bringing some of this speciality along for a tasting afterwards.
Then, numerous emceed tastings on Saturday and Sunday take us high up into the cheesy Alps of the present day, so that we’re well-prepared to step into the wide world of cheese at the market on Sunday. And since cheese is in a category of its own, but definitely loves company, you’ll also find other edibles too.

Tickets for the Cheese Berlin at Markthalle Neun right at the venue. Admission fee: 3€.

All workshops will be in German except for the tasting with our Turkish friends, who are bringing very original cheeses with "alpine" roots. More info and tickets here.